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Friday, December 14


Caption That Anime Meme!
Looking for some quality anime memes? Love captioning sugoi anime scenes? Then come get your meme on with us in captioning some spicy anime! Caption That Anime Meme! is an interactive friendly competition in which we would display memes and scenes from anime on a screen and have the audience caption them with no context. We'll avoid spoiler pictures, and the pictures will be broad enough to where they can be captioned even if audience hasn't seen the show. We’ll first explain the rules of the game to the audience, and then invite audience to raise their hand and caption the photo. We’ll write them down then have the audience vote on which caption they liked best by having them raise their hands and us take count. The person with the most votes in each round would get a small prize.

Pictures may contain violent or suggestive themes. There will be NO nudity or hentai in pictures. As a Panel 18+ audience members will simply say the captions they want and can curse as much as they want.


Saturday December 15, 2018 12:15am - 1:45am
7-Panel 14
Saturday, December 15


Anime Mafia
Anime mafia is a twist on the classic game Werewolf. Within the audience there will be assigned mafia members tasked with secretly taking out as many civilians as they can without being caught. It is up to the civilians to catch the mafia before there's no one left. Good luck!


Saturday December 15, 2018 11:00am - 12:30pm
7-Panel 11

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