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Panel 18+ [clear filter]
Friday, December 14


Overwatch Snowbunnies: The Naughty List
Does Overwatch makes YOU rage? Ask the agents in the game how THEY feel! The members of Overwatch are trying to unwind, but with all the nerfs and buffs and talking animals- it’s easy to have one to many glasses of eggnog. Join the team as they unwind for a fun time of roasting, toasting, and a whole lot of salt whilst delivering fan-service to get them back to their (not-so) former glory.


This Panel 18+ will consist of cast members cosplaying and behaving in character. The cosplays are renditions of the Overwatch characters in more suggestion themes (playboy bunny, virgin killer sweaters, etc). The panel will consist of a variety of theatre improv games as well as fun impromptu contests. There will be three contests to mark times and to keep audience interest peaked. The contests will be a dance off, twerk off, and holiday lip sync battle. Audience members will be encouraged to participate by receiving prizes for participation as well as grand prizes for winning- contestants will be volunteer first come first serve base and may have the right to reserve a spot via an online application prior to the panel starting.

Between each contest there will be flash bang bunny Q&A’s in which audience members will be able to ask any question to the cast members and content may be explicit. These questions are meant to be short and answered quickly, “flash Bang” Answers are up to the cast members discretion and have the right to be refused. Audience members will be encouraged to participate and ask questions in regards to the game and the characters through small prizes.

There will also be a truth or dare segment if time allows. The truth or dare segment will consist of audience members asking for the truth of how the panelists feel about being in the game/the games contests. The audience may also dare panelists to perform tasks and actions. Audience members cannot dare members for anything that requires any physical contact with other members of the panel or audience members unless both parties are consenting, and even still dares are done with discretion. Panelists reserve the right to refuse to answer or do a dare.

We understand that due to nature of an Panel 18+, that it is easy to loose track and control. As cosplayers and panelists, we will be strictly enforcing and following all the rules of Holiday Matsuri as well as ensuring that even while exploring explicit topics all participants feel safe and comfortable in their experience with the Overwatch Squad. Jokes implying sexual assault, racism, discrimination, and sexism will NOT be tolerated and we will ensure that any participating member that chooses to behave inappropriately will be removed from the panel room. We want to provide and fun and safe environment and encourage to enforce the rules in which cosplay does not equal consent.

Friday December 14, 2018 10:00pm - 11:30pm
7-Panel 7B


The Fault in Our StarClan
Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join beneath the Marriott World Center for a clan meeting. Firestar, Sandstorm, and co. have had enough! What has StarClan ever done for us? Let's discuss our roots in the Clans and test our knowledge! Which clan will know the most, and who will be honored with the apprentice ceremony?


Friday December 14, 2018 11:00pm - Saturday December 15, 2018 12:00am
7-Panel 14

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